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Fellowship of Wildwood

Youth Camp 2017

Youth Camp 2017:  Crossing Camp @ Jonathan Creek

Camp Dates: June 11-16, 2017

Cost $475; Students completed 6th-12th grades.

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  1. Register online ABOVE (if you have not yet made a deposit)
  2. Register with Crossings* (CLICK HERE) - students click orange 'participant box' to get started.
  3. Complete Medical Release Form (CLICK HERE)
  4. Complete POI (Points of Interest - Activities)* Form HERE
  5. Pay Remaining Balance (If you have paid a deposit, please refer to the email you received directly from our Fellowship staff for the link to pay remaining balance. If you have not made a deposit, please register/pay above.)
  6. Fill out our Fellowship of Wildwood Medical Emergency Form HERE


This world places hope in their skills, their reputation, their accomplishments, their nation, and their nationality. In Philippians 3, the Apostle Paul teaches us that our citizenship is in heaven and that we belong to Jesus. For this reason, our hope is not placed in the rewards that this world has to offer. We are Outsiders. We strive to obtain a different reward — the prize of knowing our true King—Jesus.

We are outsiders because we find meaning and purpose in knowing and pleasing King Jesus.

We are outsiders because we are citizens of the kingdom of heaven.

We are outsiders because we count all worldly prizes as rubbish.

Come to Crossings in 2017 to learn from Philippians 3. Together, we will strive to forget the empty hope of this world. Together, we will press on to know King Jesus and the power of his resurrection. Together, we will be … Outsiders.

Visit The Crossings Camp for more information about the camp itself.