World Changers is an opportunity for high school students to put their faith into action through light construction.  Please pay close attention to the information below as there are requirements and limited space available for those interested in going to World Changers.

Date:  June 8-16
Cost:  $700-800
Location:  Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico

Why World Changers in Puerto Rico?
- The heartbeat of world changers is giving students the opportunity to serve local families through home repair. 

- Puerto Rico is a great location as it allows students to experience an international trip but at less than half the cost.

- Registration is now closed for World Changers 2014.

Service Hours
Every student needs to accumulate 15 hours of service prior to the date of the trip.  Half of the 15 hours must be activities that are sponsored by FBCE, such as High School Serve First events.  Any service opportunities outside of FBCE must be pre-approved by Debbie.  To seek approval, just email Debbie with what you are doing, how long you are doing it and how that activity constitutes as Christian service.  For example, volunteering at a soup kitchen is acceptable, but volunteering to sell hotdogs at homecoming for your sports team is not. 

Deposit Schedule
January 12, 2014 - $250 non-refundable deposit
May 4, 2014 - Final Balance is due

Payment Options
- Cash or check may be dropped off at the church office or placed in the youth deposit box in the White House.  Please make sure that your payment is in a marked envelope with your name on it.
- Credit or debit card through Paypal.   Click the above button to pay through Paypal.  A convenience fee will be applied to all online payments.  You do not have to have Paypal to make a credit/debit card payment with Paypal.

- All payments after January 12th are non-refundable!