GREAT Adventure

God Requires of Everyone A Transformation

10:30-12:00 Sunday Mornings

Toddlers-3rd Grade


  • High-energy environment
  • Relevant to young lives
  • Worship, music, and a fun, exciting, dramatic, funny, surprising, and applicable Bible lesson
  • One weekly concept that can change their lives forever
  • Small group application activity

Children from Age 2 – 3rd Grade can remain in their 9:00 Children’s Bible Study classes to attend GREAT Adventure and then be picked up.


GREAT Adventure Classrooms

Children can be dropped off and picked up at the following locations. During this hour the children in each class are taken as a group to their respective GREAT Adventure Theaters: Toddlers-Pre-K go to Room D in the Nursery; Kindergarten-3rd Grade go to Room 203 upstairs in the Children’s Wing.

Nursery Wing
Toddlers Room C
Two's Room E
Three's Room H
Children's Wing Downstairs
Pre-K Room 110
Kindergarten Room 108
Children's Wing Upstairs
1st Grade Room 210
2nd Grade Room 211
3rd Grade Room 212


Nursery Care continues for younger children in the following rooms:


Nursery Wing
Bed Babies Room A
Creepers Room B


Children in 4th and 5th Grade are encouraged to attend the 10:30 Contemporary Worship Service with their families.


As always, our Security Policies for Children applies to this event. 

Last Published: March 11, 2009 4:19 PM