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Small Group Bible Fellowships

At Fellowship of Wildwood, our goal is for every church member to attend ONE church service, ONE Small Group, and serve in ONE ministry.

We believe that Small groups are a way of spending time together, learning about God and/or talking to God is critical to becoming a spiritual family. Meeting together regularly is important to build relationships and share life together. You can SIGN UP HERE, see a full list of groups below.


  • 6:00am with Mick Sander at the Wildwood Campus studying a men's study.
  • 6:00pm with Lee & Amy White at their home studying Sermon Next Steps. FREE


  • 6:00am with Steve Banton & Brad Gilbert at Callier's Home Plate Deli studying Hebrews (for men). FREE
  • 6:00pm with Dan Little at the Wildwood Campus studying Philemon (for men). Costs $10
  • 6:30pm with Danny Bullock at the Ellisville Campus studying "12 Ordinary Men" (for men). Costs $10


  • 6:30pm with Trey & Tammy Griggs at their house studying "How You Always Meant to Parent" by Brian Housman. Costs $10


  • 6:00am with Gene Hall at the Wildwood Campus studying Genesis 1-11 (for men). FREE


  • (every other week) with John Olejnik at his house studying Comparative Religions by Ravi Zacharias. FREE