Be Different...        

           ...Make a Difference

A Different Place for Pre-Teens

Parents and children will both agree that 4th and 5th graders are...Different.  They have one foot in Elementary and one foot in Middle School.  They are still children, but they are yearning to be youth.  Church for younger Elementary children just doesn't have the same appeal as Youth.  So here for Pre-Teens things are...well...Different!


God calls us to be Different.  When Christian children begin to realize they are in an unchristian world, they face a challenge: to conform to be like the be Different.


Here at The Difference we'll discuss questions like

  • What if Jesus is a Liar?
  • Why do my parents always say no?
  • Can being a Christian ever be fun?
  • What would Jesus play on His iPod?

We'll tie these questions back to the answers from the Bible.  Our prayer for each child is that when they join the ranks of the youth, it will be with a solid foundation for their beliefs.

The Difference meets at 9:00 on Sunday mornings in The Difference Community Room upstairs in the northern-most building.

For off-campus Difference activities a notarized medical release is required.  Click below to download.  Free Notary services are available in the church office during weekday office hours.

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As always, our Security Policies for Children applies to this event.