New York Updates
Date Update
4/8/14 Good morning! The team made it safely to the airport and we're ready for the flight to leave in 50 minutes! Looking forward to landing in NY!
4/8/14  The team had a great first day in NYC! We finally got settled into our hotel and were able to eat! We then spent the afternoon walking and exploring...getting to know each other as a team and praying for our week. Then we went to Brooklyn Tabernacle prayer meeting....and God showed up in a big way!!!!! This was an awesome kickoff to prepare our hearts to minister this week!  Wow!!! What God did in our hearts is beyond words! We prayed, cried and laughed, with New Yorkers and people from all over the world. We are ready now to spend the day with Lower Manhattan Community Church. We will spend the day tomorrow handing out flyers and goodies at schools, parks and neighborhoods. We will prayer walk and spread the word to as many neighborhoods as we can! Pray we would have a chance to share the gospel with as many people as possible tomorrow, and pray for safety and physical strength for our team as we are on our feet all day!
4/9/14  What a great day the NYC team had! Up at 6am to be at LMCC to pass out granola bars and flyers to parents at three different schools in Lower Manhattan. We had a great lunch with the staff and a Jewish rabbi they share an office with. Wonderful God conversations and prayer walking! Then we spent the afternoon at several parks meeting with nannies, moms, children and anyone who would let us tell them about the Easter egg Hunt on Saturday! Expecting several hundred families!!! Tomorrow we are off to the Bronx in the morning to help a church there, and then back at LMCC in the afternoon to see if we can't find more families to share with! Please pray for rest and renewed strength tonight as it's over 9 hours of walking a day! Please also pray for the people of Lower Manhattan that they would sense and feel a need for a Savior. Their monetary wealth and status in the community, is a barrier to thinking they need Jesus. Please pray their hearts would be softened and God would use us to plant many seeds for the Kingdom.
The NYC mission team had another fabulous day!! We spent the morning in the Bronx. We helped a church in the projects that has the poorest post code in the US. Then we spent the afternoon with LMCC, which is in one of the most affluent communities in NYC. It touched all of our hearts to see the difference and how ministry is done in each area. The people in the projects were kind and welcoming, and we didn't feel at all threatened. We had great conversations with people in both Burroughs. Tomorrow we will be working in the warehouse at World Vision helping with whatever they need done.
God has worked through us and in each of us this trip. We are all so thankful to be here. Please pray for continued safety and strength for our team. Please pray also that the rain stays away for the hunt on Saturday and that we have a great turnout!
4/11/14 Well, once again the NYC team had another great day! Today we served in the World Vision warehouse in the Bronx. We had a great time serving as a team. We sorted, folded and bagged hundreds of T-shirts for kids in poverty in the Bronx and surrounding areas. We also inflated soccer balls. Tomorrow we will be serving all day at the Easter egg hunt with LMCC. They're expecting hundreds of kids and 7,000 Easter eggs!! The weather looks great, but please pray the rain would still come in overnight and not be delayed and rain during the hunt. Please pray as well, that we'll have a chance to talk with families about the church and get them to visit! They're very self reliant and don't feel the need for a Savior. Pray for strength on our last day in the city and that God would continue to bless our time here.
4/13/14 The New York team has arrived safely back in St. Louis.


National Mission Information

We have one partnership in North America with a recent church plant. Our partnership is with the Lower Manhattan Community Church in New York City.  We take one mission trip to New York most years.  We do servant evangelism activities and a large project for World Vision each trip. These activities are designed to help publicize, strengthen, and grow theis newly started church. In addition, our teenagers and adults normally go on a World Changers mission trip to a location in the United States. On these World Changers trips, we do light construction projects and sometimes have a chance to get involved with some community activities.    

2014 National Mission Trip Dates

Location Dates Projects Cost
New York April 8-13 Lower Manhattan Community Church, Servant Evangelism, Community Event and World Vision Projects $1,090
World Changers June 8 -16 Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico - Light Construction and Evangelism Projects $  750


National Partnerships
  Lower Manhattan Community Church



Missions Application and Information Sheet

Everyone going on a national mission trip with First Baptist Church will need to fill out a Missionary Application/Information Sheet.  This document gives the church the information necessary to arrange airfare and other particulars of the trip.  Please email the completed document to Glenda Miller or turn it into the church office.  Click here to download Missions Application and Information Sheet. 

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