How to become a member

We welcome all new church members and believe that the Bible instructs every believer to be a member of a local church.  We accept new members in any one of three ways:


1.    By transfer of letter.  If you are a member of another Baptist church, we will write that church for your “letter” which is simply confirmation that you are a member of that church.  It also serves as notification to that church that you have joined here.  (We will confirm that each person joining our church by letter is a believer and has been baptized by immersion.)


2.    By statement.  If you are joining our church and are not a member of another Baptist church or you are a member of a church that is no longer in existence or no longer has record of your membership for whatever reason, you may join our church by statement.  We accept new members in this way, based on your statement that you are a believer and have been baptized by immersion.


3.    By baptism.  If you are a believer and have never been baptized by immersion, we will be glad to arrange for your baptism.  We believe that baptism is an act of obedience and is to be done after you become a believer, it is a testimony, and it is symbolic of Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection.


You may join our church by speaking to a staff member during commitment time on Sunday mornings, by indicating on the tear-off section of a Sunday morning bulletin that you desire membership; by indicating that you desire membership during the L.I.F.E. 101 Seminar – Discovering Church Membership, or by contacting a staff member at any other mutually convenient time.