FBCE Purposes


The purpose of the First Baptist Church of Ellisville is to:

EXALT Jesus Christ as Lord, EQUIP our members for service, and EVANGELIZE West St. Louis County and beyond.

Our core values are to:

Glorify God - Emphasize proclamation, prayer, stewardship (Time, talents and resources) and music in both our corporate worship and our individual lives to help us grow in our faith and understanding of God's will.

Reach People for Christ - Reach out to both the community around us and the world at large through regular church programs, special emphasis activities and Cooperative Program giving to accomplish the Great Commission.

Teach the Word of God - Be guided in all services and activities and in all that we say and do by the timeless truths of God as fully revealed in the Bible and highlighted in the Baptist Faith and Message.

Live by Faith and Prayer - Be a people of prayer, as individuals and corporately, basing our expectations on God"s promises, trusting His power, not our abilities.

Love and Care for One Another - Meet the specific needs of members and visitors by providing personalized care, Christian fellowship, and warm, friendly activities, valuing each person as a unique creation of God in order to help him or her on the journey toward Christian maturity.