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Fellowship of Wildwood

Evanston IL Mission Trip

This year, we will be heading to Evanston, IL on mission June 24-30. If you would like to find out more information about this trip, there will be an information and planning meeting May 7 at 5:00pm in the community room at the Ellisville campus.

You may REGISTER HERE with a $100 deposit (due Sunday, May 28) if you already know you'd like to be a part of the trip. The total cost is $300.

Partner Local Church Body: Evanston Baptist Church - - Pastor Scott Kelly

Our Missional Motive: To spread the gospel of Jesus by helping establish a local body of believers, helping to reach, resource, and encourage in ongoing ways.

Some of our specific partnered projects:

  • Conversational English Groups with students
  • Beach Volleyball Connecting / Sharing the Gospel
  • Build Your Boat Races on the Lagoon - Community Event
  • Neighborhood American BBQs - Connecting with Community