College ministry at FBCE is geared at helping college students make their faith their own by providing opportunities to grow, serve and getaway. 

To Grow
  The Source
  link_icon Each Thursday, students from MoBap, Maryville, UMSL and Meremac gather together at Maryville for The Source - a place where people are committed to seeking the source of life, love, truth and intimacy in Jesus.  It's a place where you can connect with old friends and meet new ones, take a break from the books and have a good time.

There's a lot of things you could do on a Thursday night, but The Source is one place where you can experience God.  Check it out this semester each Thursday at 8:00 pm in Buder Commons (locations may vary).
  Summer Study Series
  link_icon This study takes places over the summer and is for developing Christian maturatiy and connecting friends back together again.  The subject matter is always practical and discussion oriented.
To Serve
  Summer Camp, World Changers & Disciple Now
    There is a close relationship between the college ministry and the youth minsitry at FBCE.  It is our goal to see college students actively involved in the lives of High School and Middle School students as mentors and friends.  College students are especially encouraged to be leaders at summer camp, world changers and disciple now.
To Getaway
  Radical Conference
  link_icon The next college trip is February 17-18.  We are heading to Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for the Radical Conference.