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Fellowship of Wildwood

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Visiting a church for the first time can be an interesting experience, and it is no different here.  There are so many questions that roll through your head, “Where do we park? How do I get in the building? Do they have a kid’s ministry?  Where are the bathrooms? What kind of music is this? Do they do this every Sunday?” This can lead to a whole range of emotions with fear, amusement, anxiety, joy, confusion, confidence, peace, and hunger.

We want you to know that at at our church, we understand the complexities that come with visiting a church for the first time, and we are here to help.  Everywhere you go, you will see people with lanyards that say, “I CAN HELP”. Please feel free to approach them. Whether you need someone to pray for you or you simply need someone to show you to the bathrooms, we have a team of volunteers here to serve you.

With that being said, church can sometimes feel pretty complicated. While it can seem complicated, we are actually about only one thing. Jesus.  Everything we do is about and for Jesus. We worship Jesus. We preach Jesus. We serve for Jesus. We teach our kids about Jesus. It is all about Jesus.

It is our goal that everyone that walks through our doors would be pointed to Jesus. So no matter what happens when you visit, please take time today to meet Jesus.

Remember if you need anything, please approach one of our volunteers, leaders, or pastors. Many of them will be wearing a lanyard in the foyer area.  Also, please stop by the Community Room in the back corner of the foyer to meet, discuss, or pray with some of our leaders. We hope to see you this Sunday at one of our two services (8:30am or 11am - more details here).